Partnerd's aim is to make the process of finding the right candidate comfortable, transparent, and easy. We understand that you might not have enough time to source, interview, and go through thousands of applications and we want to take that hustle away. That's why our team consists of experts in human resources, with experience across multiple industries.

Our methodology

From candidate to employee

Soft Skills Interview

After carefully sourcing our candidates, we invite them for the first stage of interviews. This is where we assess their motivations, interests, career progress, and reasons for why they are looking for a change in jobs.

Understanding your needs

As a business, we understand that our client needs are unique and that knowing what you want from the beginning is crucial. Communicating with our clients is essential for having a good working relationship and being able to get things done on time without fault. In order to have great communication, we carefully assess what our clients want as well as the factors that influence their needs.

One-way Video Interview

The candidate will be invited to complete a one-way video interview where he will be answering 3 questions carefully selected by the client. This will help you make a better decision when evaluating his or her profile. After a complete evaluation of their soft skills, you will receive a detailed report about the candidate's experience and relevance to the role.

Sourcing the right candidate

After we completely understand what you are looking for, we source our candidates by using LinkedIn and the strong network that we have developed throughout our extensive experience.

Pastoral care

Our input doesn’t end after we recommend a candidate. To ensure a good fit, we will maintain contact with the candidate even after they begin their collaboration with you.