The Partnerd Story

We decided to found Partnerd because we wanted a structure where we could offer our experience and knowledge; something that would make our work easier. After 2 years of research and market observation we finally got what we wanted: a place where we could provide our services and best practices, working as an agile team with different seniorities and skillsets together under the same roof – or at least really close to each other. And we are not only doing this for us or our clients, but we are doing it to help people who need a job and a place where they can grow as professionals.

We have been working hard from the beginning on this project to make it successful. And after only one year of existence, Partnerd is already known as a company that offers quality services and people with relevant experience. We are working with big companies, small companies... but the thing is that our people and our work ethic are what makes us successful. And one of the things we love about this project is that we can make a difference every day by helping people find amazing jobs or new talents grow as professionals. It is not only our job, but it is our passion and we want to grow with people who share the same vision.

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Our Story

The story behind how our company was founded

We all have our stories, some of them are breathtaking some of them are just... stories. Partnerd was founded by two friends with over 6 years of experience working for various consultancies.
We identified certain aspects within the recruitment industry that we could improve such as: Candidate experience & growth, digitalizing the recruitment process, matching expectations with opportunities.
Partnerd is all about bringing a new experience all together both from a candidate and client perspective.

Our mission

We are on the mission to drastically improve the recruitment experience.

Our mission is not to only place candidates for certain jobs. We are here to help you better your interview techniques, understand more about your future goals and aspirations and help you with tips and tricks to secure different types of opportunities.
Furthermore, we are looking to fully digitalize the recruitment process. It's a work in progress and we are confident our ideas will bring value and improve certain recruitment processes.

Our Team

Meet the amazing team behind Partnerd

Our Values

The values that shape everything we do at Partnerd

Being Human

We recognize that each colleague, client, partner, and supplier is a unique individual with his or her hopes, fears, likes, and dislikes. We also recognize that everyone has a job and a personal life to balance. We understand and empathize with what each individual requires to be happy and successful.


We are in the business of amazing work. We truly believe in transparency and we speak up in the name of what's right. Taking responsibility requires dedicated and motivated team members who are constantly prioritizing our candidate's and clients' needs and delivering on their promises. Being responsible is what we stand for.


We encourage everyone at Partnerd to feel empowered and stand up for what's right. This allows us to create an innovative environment, putting forward ideas for change that typically ends up adding value to everything that we do.


We're all on the same side of the fence. Offering partnered staffing solutions means we work alongside our customers, leveraging the skills of our whole group and resource network to complement their operations - constantly looking to add value to the partnership as we grow, develop, and adapt with market circumstances.


Transparency is the key to good and successful business relationships.  We always agree on clear milestones and don't make promises we cannot keep.
We keep our candidates informed at all times and we are honest about your progress during the recruiting process.


Our recruiters are always communicating their thoughts and opinions with confidence and clarity.  On the other hand, when dealing with our candidates, we listen carefully and find a common ground in order to make sure expectations are met.