Partnerd's team of consultants is dedicated to helping you find the right position, whether it be a job or business opportunity. We work with companies and candidates across multiple industries including IT, finance, marketing and BPO. Employers range from big multinationals to promising start-ups.

Partnerd range from well-established Consulting and Professional Services firms to market research companies and placement consultants.

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The great benefits of applying through Partnerd

We do the job search for you

After you connect with us you'll receive a call from one of our consultants. We listen carefully and after we understand your needs and future goals we then start recommending different opportunities that fit your criteria. In case we don't have a suitable opportunity, you sit back and relax. We'll be doing the search for you!

Interview Tips&Tricks

After we agree on a specific job, we'll then start a recruitment process. The first recruitment process happens with us. We'll be assessing your motivations, your skill sets and we'll ask you situational questions. After the assessment, you'll receive feedback. Our main objective is to give you constructive feedback that will allow you to better yourself in interviews.

Guidance Throughout the Recruitment Process

After our assessment, you'll be recommended to one of our clients. Throughout the recruitment process, you'll be fully represented by one of our consultants and you'll be guided through all aspects of the application. At the end of the day you're changing your job or this might be your first one. It's important that you have someone with a lot of experience throughout the journey that constantly provides feedback and helps you better in all aspects.

Pastoral Care

Our job doesn't end when you find the perfect role. We will keep in touch with you for a longer period of time to make sure that we have delivered on your expectation. Furthermore, feedback is also very important for us. Throughout our journey, you will have the chance to provide us with feedback. This will help us better our recruitment services and will help other fellow candidates secure brilliant jobs just like you did.