"bet on people, not on strategies"

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What we do

We connect bright people with great companies. It's not always easy but it's worth it.

Professional online presence

Companies are constantly looking for bright talent and you have to stand out. We help you build your LinkedIn profile, CV, and much more.

Matching expectations

We all have that job that we've been dreaming about for ages. We can't promise we'll have it for you...however, we can promise to listen and deliver on your expectations.

Interview preparation

Preparing for an interview can be a very tough task. Given the very competitive market, it's not enough just to talk about your achievements. It's more about confidence.

Hiring talent today

Having an extensive network of over 10,000 professionals ranging from IT, Recruitment, Finance, BPO, and Sales we are ready to support your business.

Digitalising the recruitment flow

We all know how exhausting a recruitment process can be from both the candidate and client experience. We have thought of a unique way to help ease this process. You can find out more on the "services" page.

Some numbers

Our journey so far

We've been around since the beginning of 2021 and we think we have some encouraging numbers.

Customer satisfaction
Placed candidates
Job applicants/week
Attrition rate of placed candidates
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your area of expertise?

We can proudly say that we can cover recruitment requests from all domains. Although we started in the IT market, we proved that we can deliver for a variety of roles. Our industry experience so far: IT, BPO, Sales, Marketing, Finance.

Do you have any local branches?

Our team works completely remote and we do cover roles anywhere in Romania and Europe. However, we do have offices in Bucharest and Constanta, Romania.

What are the typical steps in the recruitment process?

Firstly, we will give you a call to get to know each other. It's really important to understand your motives before recommending any of our live vacancies. Future recruitment steps are usually decided on the spot depending on the client's requirements.

Is the service available globally?

There is no space limitation whatsoever. For now, we are recruiting in Romania and the UK. We are eager to deliver regardless of time zone and location.

Will I get support throughout the recruitment process?

The most powerful message that we can send out to our candidates is "You are not alone!". Not only during the recruitment process but also after your placement has been finalized we will be there for you in order to offer support.

What are the benefits of applying for jobs with Partnerd?

We will offer you full support, offer tips for your resume, prepare you for the interview, calibrate between the two sides and always keep you updated. That's our promise.

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