Technical & Language Assessment

To estimate the level of knowledge of a candidate, we will first put them through a series of technical questions as well as a language assessment. The purpose of this process is to find out if your candidate's skills match those you are looking for based on your job advertisement. In the end, we will share with you our findings and relay the message whether we think the candidate's skills match your job advertisement as well as his/her general level of proficiency in different languages along with the ability to answer technical questions. We will then work together to find out if there are opportunities for further assessment, such as a telephone interview or an on-site test drive.

At Partnerd, we are dedicated to finding the best possible candidate for you. We are sure that our thorough assessment will reveal the true level of the candidate's skills and knowledge, which will help us to find out if they are a good match for your company.

Some of our assessment capabilities

Java (Junior - Mid)
Devops - Linux, Bash (Junior - Mid)
Python (Junior - Mid)
Technical Support