When do you need to change your job?

When to change your job?

Tudor Stirbetiu
January 25, 2022

Do you know when it's time to change your job?

Though not everyone will agree, there are many reasons why one might want or need to change their job. For some people it's because they're bored doing the same thing all day every single workday while others find themselves having an ever-growing dislike of either co workers/managers who make them feel as though everything is against him; no matter what happens - he only has himself at fault if whatever bad outcome comes about.

Here are some tell-tale signs that it may be time to move on:

  1. You've been looking for a new job and it's not easy to find one that will pay you what your current employer doesn't. You hate going into work every day because of how much stress is involved, but even worse than being unhappy at work all the time are thoughts like "If only I could get out."
    The sentence structure here does little justice in describing how frustrating this situation really can be- think about where would we go from here?
  2. Some days it feels like we're stuck in traffic forever. The commute is too long and you've got a lot of time to think about what's going on, or where things went wrong with your day before they even get started!
    We know the feeling - we work hard every single minute just so that our employers can afford paying us what seems fair considering all those hours spent sitting down at their desk doing nothing but thinking...
  3. You're not excited about any of the projects you're working on.
  4. You don't think your manager is very good at his/her job, even though he/she has been in the position longer than you have. You have been in the position longer than your manager, but you feel like he/she doesn't really care about what's going on.
    -What am I missing?  Why does this person seem so disconnected from how things work around here?
  5. You've been putting in longer hours, but you're not seeing any raises as a result of your increased workload.
  6. You're feeling left behind, and it's not because of the latest celebrity gossip. You know who else is too busy for that? Your manager!
    What really upsets you are all these people getting ahead without any real-world experience or education.

If one or more of these factors sounds like you, it might be time for a change. But remember that there is no "one true job" out there. Sure, you think you've spotted a perfect role on the horizon, but it's a big world and you'll never know what else might be out there if you don't occasionally step outside your comfort zone!


Tudor has over 7 years working as a Consultant for a Business Organization. Mainly working with european funded project he can successfully take a project from the beginning stages to completion. He has determination and experience in building lucrative relationships and implementing effective processes and procedures.